Colorado Healthy Places Collaborative

The Colorado Healthy Places Collaborative is a partnership of 23 statewide and regional associations and groups that have united to work on advancing health and wellness in communities across the state of Colorado. The Collaborative includes professionals with expertise in public health, planning and design, engineering, land use and development, building and construction, advocacy, policy, the environment, sustainability, and more. This group represents a unique partnership of practitioners, academics, and engaged citizens.

The mission of the Colorado Healthy Places Collaborative is to catalyze creative actions and strategies that will make Colorado communities healthier and more vibrant.


  • Collaboration
  • Leverage professional expertise
  • Innovation and best practices
  • Equity
  • Community engagement

Focus Areas

  • Information sharing
  • Coordinating resources
  • Maximizing programs and initiatives
  • Offering expertise and experiential assets

The Collaborative’s Role

During 2019, the Collaborative is working on ways it can offer resources and benefits to ensure health and wellness are foundational in various plans, projects, and programs undertaken in Colorado. In conjunction with this ongoing effort, the Collaborative’s website plays a key role in providing a hub for information sharing and identifying resources. In addition, our partner organizations are working on prioritizing how to best serve member agencies, the professional community, academics, and citizen groups.